– Czapek & Cie, a fascinating nineteenth century watch Company, is back

Collectors and lovers of fine watchmaking can rejoice. On November 10, 2015, François Czapek, one of the great figures of nineteenth-century watchmaking, will reemerge from history. The Quai des Bergues collection pays tribute to his art.

The Polish watchmaker François Czapek, born in Bohemia (Czech Republic today), was an associate of Antoine Norbert de Patek, a fellow Pole. Both men lived in Switzerland. But Czapek's name, while no longer widely known, was uttered in the most prestigious circles in its day. His prized timepieces were hard to come by and were much coveted by the nobility back then. Napoleon III, Emperor of France, even granted him the title Horlo- ger de la Cour Impériale (Court Watchmaker). To this day, Czapek watches are much sought after by collectors.


Czapek lives, 170 years on

The revival began when three entrepreneurs in Switzerland received some intelligence from a group of passio- nate watch enthusiasts in 2013. They were convinced that what they had before them was a genuine historic monument and they decided to organise the Czapek comeback. They hired a well-known historian, fully aware of the fact that the digging work would set the pace for upcoming developments. They also tracked down Czapek timekeepers that had been sold at auctions. The more they researched, the greater their sense of humility and determination became. The first proactive step was to constitute Czapek & Cie, a limited company that respectfully took the name of the company created by François Czapek & Cie on May 1, 1845.

Klocka i guld.